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What is Slinkity?

Slinkity is the simplest way to handle styles and component frameworks on your 11ty site. Once installed, this:

  • 🚀 Unlocks component frameworks like React, Vue, and Svelte for writing page templates. Turn an existing .html or .liquid file into a .jsx|tsx|vue|svelte file, and you're off to the componentized races.
  • 🔖 Includes powerful shortcodes to insert components into existing pages. Add a line like this to your markdown, HTML, Nunjucks, etc, and watch the magic happen: {% island 'path/to/Component.*' %}
  • 💧 Hydrates these components when and how you want. Use component frameworks as a static template to start, and opt-in to shipping JS as needed with our partial hydration helpers.
  • 💅 Bundles all your resources with the power of Vite. Use your favorite CSS preprocessor, JS minifier, and more with minimal config.

📣 Find our full announcement post here →

Slinkity stands on the shoulders of giants. You can think of Slinkity as the "glue" binding 2 tools together:

  1. Eleventy: a static site generator with a rich feature set for fetching data, composing layouts, and inserting content with "shortcodes."
  2. Vite: a bundler that takes the boilerplate out of your set up. It'll compile JS component frameworks, handle CSS preprocessors with little-to-no config (say, SCSS and PostCSS), and show dev changes on-the-fly using hot module replacement (HMR).

Use our handy CLI command to spin up a Slinkity site: npm init slinkity. This demos our core functionality while staying as lean as possible, making it the perfect launchpad for new projects 🚀

To learn more, and explore adding Slinkity to existing 11ty projects...

🐣 See our "quick start" guide →

This project is still in early alpha, so we have many features soon to come! This demo covers a majority of features we support today. For reference, here's our complete roadmap of current and upcoming features:

Feature Status
CLI to run 11ty and Vite simultaneously Ready to use
Plugin ecosystem for your favorite component framework
(React, Vue, Svelte, etc)
Ready to use
Component pages Ready to use
Component shortcodes Ready to use
SCSS and SASS Ready to use
PostCSS config (ex. Tailwind) Ready to use
CSS imports via ESM (including CSS modules) Ready to use
Shared state between any component shortcode In progress
  • ✅ = Ready to use
  • ⏳ = In progress

We'd love to hear your feedback! Feel free to log an issue on our GitHub issues page. If your question is more personal, our Twitter DMs are always open as well.